CAT Lingo was started out of our frustration. Here is how it happened.

We do a fair amount of business in banking, finance and technology, specifically software & hardware. There is a need to translate loads of documents back and forth: RFP documents, technical documents, banking process documents, requirement documents, RFP Response documents, training documents, brochures, etc. We always need to get it done urgently, confidentially, and correctly above all.

We sent our translations to far too many agencies over the years. We had all the problems: translation is slow, translation is inconsistent, repeated mistakes, quality is inconsistent, dealing with too many translators and their varying moods. Any problem you can imagine, you name it, we suffered from it. It is an enduring frustration.

CAT Lingo Translation service is started out of our frustration. We gather a bunch of bankers and IT professionals and founded CAT Lingo. CAT Lingo is designed to be the pain killer if you are in the same shoes:


  • Urgent translation (yeah we get it, customers always want things now).
  • RFP-s you need to understand urgently and distribute to your team urgently.
  • RFP Response you only produced at the last minute before submission and that needs translation also.
  • You got screwed with slow and low quality translation before.
  • You care about understanding exactly what clients tell you in requirement documents.
  • You want clients to understand exactly what you have written.
  • You don’t want your quality contents to become junks after translation.
  • After the quality discussion, you want privacy & confidentiality as well.


If that sounds like you, CAT Lingo is at your exposure.

Email your file to: cat@catlingo.club | 0945924877